Emma Azzi

Emma works for the federal government and studies part-time at Telfer. She figured free time was overrated and decided that hosting the Games would help completely eliminate that undesirable state. She’s proud to be living in the capital city and is excited to have all the student leaders across Canada joining her at the Telfer School for an unforgettable experience!

Eric Plant
Vice Chair

When Eric is not falling into the river, he can be found biking (or skiing) in and around Ottawa, and frantically cramming in the halls of Telfer. Eric spends his free time working on the Games, because Emma seems to hate free time.  Eric is an entrepreneur who runs Overhang Adventures - a company that takes people on expeditions in Ontario and the Yukon. The level of intensity on Eric's face is constant and unchanging. Even when he sleeps.  


Rachel Rosenfeld


Rachel works in communications in the federal public service. She is completing her MBA part-time and still finds time for the occasional coffee with her pal George to brainstorm plot ideas for Oceans 15. Mostly, she's looking forward to building more together with all the fine folks at the MBA Games 2018! 

Mohamad El-Sarji

Mohamad aka Moe can be found designing backdrops and meeting brides and grooms to make their dream day a unique experience; YES, he’s in event management, specifically weddings! So, whoever is thinking of getting married soon, he’s the guy to talk to. That’s why he’s in to make the Games an unforgettable journey in our dear capital city!


Jamie Wilson

Employed as an Aeronautical Engineer, I am pursuing an MBA to become more equipped to face the challenges that come with evolving responsibilities. Participating in my first MBA games in '17 was a great opportunity to leave my comfort zone, test what I've learned, expose myself to what I need to learn and to compete against and meet some of the best business students in Canada. My motivation this year is to help bring the same experience to as many people as possible.


Dev Thain

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for? I’m the vice-president of finance for the 2018 MBA games. I’m a fun-loving guy and consummate academic. My friends would probably describe me as goofy, but somehow, I always end up being the responsible one. I’m an avid reader who loves philosophy and neuroscience. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. Prior to my MBA at Telfer, I was an entrepreneur and now I spend most of my time consulting. If you think you would enjoy a casual coffee or perhaps something more serious then you should come to our MBA games!

Nikhil Bhatia

Nikhil has a collection of his picture on a mug. After the collection grew to one mug, new additions were banned in the household. Is there any other description really needed?

Mathieu Houle

Mathieu Houle is a member of Telfer's Planning Committee for the 2018 MBA Games, specifically VP Athletics. He has a few extra pounds to spare and really thinks this opportunity will give him an excuse to burn a few calories. In his spare time, Mathieu enjoys going for long scenic drives in his glorious 2001 convertible Volvo, and trash-talking the "Spiritual"-whatever VP, Simon Joyal.

Photo Simon.jpg

Simon Joyal

Simon Joyal was recruited to this position by the co-Chairs under the false pretences that "Spirit competition" referred to a liquor tasting competition. Nonetheless, after getting over his initial shock, Simon looks forward to organizing and hosting some very creative Spirit events! In his spare time (What spare time??), Simon enjoys working in his Bee Yard, hiking in Gatineau Park, and trash talking the VP Sports, Mathieu Houle.


Abhijeet Dogra

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Abhijeet recently moved to the beautiful city of Ottawa to pursue his MBA from Telfer School of Management. Prior to this, Abhijeet worked in Global financial markets as a Trader for 4 years. Abhijeet believes that lateral thinking is one the essential element for success in today’s world and participating in the games will help him exactly with that. He is really excited to meet the MBA candidates from across Canada and hopes that they have a memorable experience in the capital city.

Pat (2).jpg

Patrick Bériault
Logistics Team

Patrick (on the right) is a young professional working as a physiotherapist for Montfort Hospital and is a student of the French MBA program. He spends his rare free time playing soccer, watching an Habs game or eating a poutine. Being the
best (and only) physiotherapist of the Telfer team, feel free to contact
him about any injuries during the games for a free consultation. He will
gladly advise you to ice your injury and that time will heal.


Marianne Pelletier
Logistics Team

Between her addiction to snapchat and eating McDonald’s, Marianne’s favorite hobby is finding ways to make people do as she says. Under the guise of organizing the logistics for the MBA games, she is looking forward to becoming the Sergeant of the games and having everyone march in proper rhythmic lines.

Anne-Marie Pic.jpg

Anne-Marie Normand
Logistics Team

This is Anne-Marie. She’s a young professional working at Canada Post with a passion for travelling and eating. But mostly eating. She might have secretly joined the MBA Games Organizing Committee in hopes of scoring a free meal. Second to the food, she’s really excited to meet motivated MBA students from across Canada and looks forward to giving them a once in a lifetime experience!


Jia-Qi Wu
Communications Team

Jia-Qi (Jackie) Wu used to sell drugs... Legally. As a practising pharmacist, Jia-Qi owned multiple Shoppers Drug Marts in the Ottawa Valley before becoming a full time, single mom while her child was young. From hemorrhoid ointment to pink eye drops, ask her a drug question and she'll provide full service consultation (in exchange for babysitting). She is getting her MBA and holding the Communications Director position, so maybe you should really challenge her by asking some serious business questions: How are you going to help make the 2018 MBA games memorable? The answer is simple: go big and go home! Because who says you can't do both!


James Myers
Sponsorship Team

This is James Myers. He is a financial underwriting professional working in risk management within the large construction and infrastructure industry. James is part of the sponsorship committee and is looking forward to reaching out to industry in order to secure funding to ensure everyone has the best games possible. He is also looking forward to meeting new MBA colleagues from across the country. Be on the lookout for his height; he is known to point out that he is the tallest member of the program as proven in Data Analysis class.